delphi 显示多个swf文件

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    Disabling seamless tabbing

    This release of ActiveX Flash Player supports a new HTML parameter called SeamlessTabbing. The default value is true; set this parameter to false to disable "seamless tabbing", which allows users to use the Tab key to move keyboard focus out of a Flash movie and into the surrounding HTML (or the browser, if there is nothing focusable in the HTML following the Flash movie). ActiveX Flash Player has supported seamless tabbing since version Disabling seamless tabbing restores the tabbing behavior of Flash Player 6, in which tabbing from the end of the tab order inside a Flash movie wraps the focus back to the first focusable object in the Flash movie. Here is an example of disabling seamless tabbing:

    <object ... > ... <param name="SeamlessTabbing" value="false"> ... </object>