7.11 Call forwarding number andconditions +CCFC

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    7.11 Call forwarding number andconditions +CCFC

    Table 44:+CCFC action command syntax








    +CMEERROR: <err>

    when<mode>=2 andcommand successful:







    +CCFC:(list of supported <reason>s)


    Thiscommand allows control of the call forwarding supplementary serviceaccording to 3GPP TS 22.082 [4]. Registration, erasure,activation, deactivation, and status query are supported. Whenquerying the status of a network service (<mode>=2)the response line for 'not active' case (<status>=0)should be returned only if service is not active for any <class>.

    Testcommand returns reason values supported as a compound value.



    0 unconditional

    1 mobile busy

    2 no reply

    3 not reachable

    4 all call forwarding (refer 3GPPTS 22.030 [19])

    5 all conditional call forwarding(refer 3GPP TS 22.030 [19])


    0 disable

    1 enable

    2 query status

    3 registration

    4 erasure

    <number>:string type phone number of forwarding address in format specified by<type>

    <type>:type of address octet in integer format (refer TS 24.008 [8]subclause; default 145 when dialling string includesinternational access code character "+", otherwise 129

    <subaddr>:string type subaddress of format specified by<satype>

    <satype>:type of subaddress octet in integer format (refer TS 24.008 [8]subclause; default 128

    <classx>is a sum of integers each representing a class of information(default 7):

    1 voice (telephony)

    2 data (refers to all bearerservices; with <mode>=2this may refer only to some bearer service if TA does not supportvalues 16, 32, 64 and 128)

    4 fax (facsimile services)

    8 short message service

    16 data circuit sync

    32 data circuit async

    64 dedicated packet access

    128 dedicated PAD access


    1...30 when "no reply"is enabled or queried, this gives the time in seconds to wait beforecall is forwarded, default value 20


    0 not active

    1 active


    Mandatoryfor MT supporting AT commands only and not supporting the controlthrough dial command D.

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