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    Carlos hurt his jaw and arm in the car accident.

    Which sentence best describes Carlos's problem now? He has little energy, and he doesn't eat much.

    Dr. Nguyen tells Carlos that he wants Carlos to come in.



    I have no energy, and I feel light-headed and dizzy almost every day.

    Practice Vocabulary

    You should make an appointment with an optometrist.

    Skills Practice


    Could you send me information about problems using this medication to treat depression?



    Give me medicine to make the pain go away!

    Right after I broke my arm, I was in a lot of pain. I almost fainted it hurt so much!

    In the case of an emergency, please call 911 and we will send a paramedic to your house immediately.

    I just don't feel like eating anymore. I lost my appetite.

    Adriane: I have trouble reading and can't see things that are far away.

    Phillip: Well, I think you should see an optometrist.

    I can't go to work today because I have a very bad stomachache. So I'll have to call my boss and tell her I'm taking a sick day.

    I am going to see a therapist because I often feel depressed.

    It was a really hot day, and I began to feel dizzy. TThen I fainted. The doctor says it was because I didn't enough water.

    I've had some stomach pain lately, but it's not very bad. My doctor geve me medication, but it didn't really help that much. I'm not sure what else to do.

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