Adviceto professor Xin

    xiaoxiao2021-12-12  2

    Dear professor Xin     How time flies and this course is coming to it’s destination. Thank you for your companion along this semester during which I was deeply moved by your inspiration,sincerity and striction. Your experience of living abroad encourages me that if anyone want to learn English well, try to find a suitable language environment and feel free to talk with somebody. The only way to learn English well can bequoted as practice makes perfect.     If it is compulsory that everyone has to provide an advice, I would suggest that you can play some important speech videos such as “I have a dream”、“GettysburgAddress” and “Inaugural Address”. After watching these speeches, a competition can be held to oppress the students to imitate the speaker to give a speech.They can learn how to pronounce the words、the sentence stress, sense groups and liaison. Actually just like your experience, I insist that imitation is the best way to speak as a native which is the highest target that we learn a foreign language.     To be specific, I am not unmindful that is a scientific writing class, but comparing to goal of learning English, we have to make the sacrifice.     Hoping for my advice been taken.     Best wishes!